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Cincinnati Attorneys For Workers’ Comp Court Appeals In Ohio

Appealing a workers' compensation claim is not easy — particularly for workers coping with a serious injury or illness. If you hire an inexperienced attorney or one without the necessary courtroom skills, you put your claim at risk.

The Law Office of James A. Whittaker, LLC, has decades of experience in handling workers' compensation appeals, as well as administrative and court settlements. Our founding attorney James Whittaker is a respected trial lawyer who has taken workers' compensation cases all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court.

We represent injured workers in Cincinnati and the surrounding communities, including West Chester, Mason, Fairfield, Hamilton and Middletown.

For a free consultation with an experienced Ohio workers' comp lawyer, contact The Law Office of James A. Whittaker, LLC, today.

Denied Workers' Comp Claim? We Can Help.

Whether your claim has been fully denied or you have been denied partial workers' comp benefits, The Law Office of James A. Whittaker, LLC, can step into your case at any point in the process. We frequently draft appeals, negotiate workers' comp settlements that have not been closed, and provide evaluations for open claims.

Don't wait to take action. The general timeframe to file an appeal is within 14 days of receiving the notice of denial.

Our firm takes a hands-on approach to working with our clients, and we take an educational approach to explaining the steps of court appeals and denied claims. Our team will make sure that you understand all of your options to help you make an informed decision.

Workers' Comp Settlements

Depending on your individual circumstances, reaching a settlement for your workers' comp claim may be in your best interests. In some cases, taking this route opens up additional opportunities for workers' comp benefits. We can evaluate your case and determine what is most appropriate for your particular situation.

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